Ron Grace  Co Founder of LFAR, carpenter. PM for KBC. ADV rider.

Ron Grace Co Founder of LFAR, carpenter. PM for KBC. ADV rider.

Lost for a Reason.org was founded as a way to say THANK YOU to the children and families on the vajo reservation,...for the use of the land,..to ride, to run,..to explore!.. a way to help children and families in need! We listen to the families and we do our best to fill whatever needs they have from personal items,..to playgrounds!

A charitable organization helping children and families in the places we love to ride. Lost for a Reason.org is a charitable organization created as a way to thank the children and families of the Navajo reservation for the use of their land to ride, run and explore!

The seed was planted during a ride on the Navajo reservation back around 2000... broken down on their BMW GSPD, Ron Grace and wife Dawn met officer Darryl Curley Navajo PD, he graciously waited with them for almost 2 hours telling us of the problems and culture of the Navajo. Then after additional trips with Dad Ron Sr., they decided to do what they could to help, even if it was only a small thing. With the help of many others they are now doing bigger and better things each year!

You can join in to help in MANY WAYS!, you can support them financially, you can purchase fundraising items at shop.lostforareason.org,... and you can volunteer to work on their next work project on the reservation! For more information on lost for a Reason Click Here

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