The Motion Pro “Nevada 200” Trailride, today announced that it will be honoring the Southern Nevada Motorcycle Racing Community at the 35thAnnual Motion Pro Nevada 200 Trail ride. Rated by Upshift and Cycle News as one of the top trail rides in America the 2019 “Nevada 200” is set for April 12th, 13th and 14th, 2019 and consists of three incredible days of off-road fun and fellowship. In addition to its regular schedule of activities, the 2019 event will also include a host of activities, special, and awards for racers who grew up in Southern Nevada and contributed to its racing heritage.

“We are very excited to include a reunion for all us Southern Nevada racers who grew up through the local racing associations and who went on to have such an impact on the national scene,” said Scot Harden, event co-founder. “The Southern Nevada racing community through associations such as MRAN, BITD, Las Vegas Motocross Club, Williams Raceway and several others developed racers that went on to leave a real mark in off-road desert and motocross racing. Names like Max Switzer, Casey Folks, Jack Johnson, Danny Hamel, Anthony Pasqualotto, Kevin Welch, Kevin Davis, and the Pearson Family to name a few from the off-road world along with Lenny Geiger, Richard Saxton, Jimmy Krugerrand Johner Kightin motocross. Southern Nevada has a very rich heritage, and we are inviting everyone that grew up through the racing community there to join us in Caliente to ride together one more time.”

“I’m very proud of what the Nevada 200 Trailridehas accomplished over the years, and I look forward to continuing a tradition that meant so much to my father”, said Co-promoterDaryl Folks.“My dad would be particularly pleased that we are using the 2019 event to honor the racing community he played such a big part in developing. I’d like to personally invite all my fellow Southern Nevada racers as well as anyone else interested in having a really great time join us this year”.

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Besides 200 miles of amazing trail, the Nevada 200 Trailride includes welcome parties, breakfasts, lunch on the trail, an old-fashioned barbeque and awards party all held in conjunction with the ride. In addition, the Nevada 200 raises thousands of dollars for the local VFW post and city of Caliente. The event is sponsored by Motion Pro, KLIM, Seat Concepts, Beta Motorcycles, 100%and Red Bull.

For the very first time, interested parties can register online at www.harden-offroad.comor follow the “Nevada 200” Trailride on Facebook www.facebook.com/nevada200trailride or visit https://harden-offroad.com/nevada-200-trailride to learn more about the ride.

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FOR ADDITIONAL ENTRY/MEDIA INFORMATION: Contact (951) 491-1819 or scot.harden@harden-offroad.com.

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