One of the first real project bikes we built here at Upshift was a 2018 FE501 that Simon bought for his personal use. It was a learning experience to say the least. The logistics of getting all the parts we needed/wanted in one place at one time and making sure all of those parts worked together was more challenging than we expected. Keeping the bike parked so it remained photo ready while we waited for the final details to come together was probably the hardest part. We learned a lot from the FE501 and continue to learn. We recently decided it was time to freshen the bike up and evolve the mix of parts. Now that the bike gets ridden primarily in the mountains of Idaho, a few tweaks to the overall package would be nice.

We teamed up with http://AOMC.mx (Appalachian Offroad Motorcycle Company) and relied on their experience as Husqvarna specialists. We simply made a few changes to make everything work together better and simplify things. Below is the new build list. Several of the parts carried over or are very similar to the first project. Here is a link to the first project to see the difference: http://bit.ly/2ouMZE8

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