“BMW GS” has stood for universal motorcycling pleasure for more than 35 years: “GS” embodies the ideal combination of touring and long distance suitability, dynamic performance and off-road capability. This applies especially to the BMW GS motorcycles with a flat-twin boxer engine. They are the perfect companions in extreme conditions when it comes to exploring the most remote corners of the earth.

The unique overall concept of the R 1200 GS with its down-to-earth character and powerful high-torque engine thrills a large number of motorcycle fans all over the world. It is not for nothing that this motorcycle has dominated its market segment for many years and is the top-seller within the BMW Motorrad model range. With the new R 1200 GS, BMW Motorrad expands the GS portfolio not only in the form of additional product optimizations but also by means of further potential broadening of the motorcycle’s properties. For the first time, customers can give a BMW GS a more marked touch of enduro or distinguished style to suit its preferred area of use by ordering the style packages Rallye and Exclusive.

The most popular travel enduro bike in the world, the R 1200 GS has now been optimized in a wide range of areas. Designed for even greater versatility than before, it taps into a previously unknown breadth of properties, ranging from dynamic performance to comfort and off-road suitability. This is due to selective improvements, numerous new features and not least a much-expanded program of optional equipment and optional accessories.

Electronic suspension Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” with fully automatic self-levelling suspension function.
A whole new dimension of riding safety, performance and comfort is harnessed with the optional BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” (Electronic Suspension Adjustment): here, the damping automatically adapts to the situation depending on riding conditions and there is also an automatic self-leveling function to compensate all load states.

Tight sports suspension for off-road enthusiasts as an ex works option for the R 1200 GS Rallye.
The Rallye package available ex works allows the new R 1200 GS to be optimised for more ambitious off-road use. Off-road performance is significantly increased due to an increased spring rate (“harder suspension”), longer spring struts and extended spring travel.

More pointed contrasts, new paint finishes and two equipment variants Rallye and Exclusive.
The basic architecture of the R 1200 GS has been preserved in the new edition. As before, the striking flyline runs from the front GS beak across the fuel tank and seat to the functionally designed rear. The rear section conveys a sense of agility and lightness, highlighting the bike's dynamic character with its rear frame finished in black.

R 1200 GS Exclusive: refined style reflecting distinctive value. In the Exclusive variant, the new R 1200 GS emphasizes its distinguished appeal even visually with its finish in Iced Chocolate metallic. It is the distinctive motorcycle for those riders who have high expectations of an innovative, technically sophisticated product. The refined and distinguished appearance of the R 1200 GS Exclusive is underscored by fuel tank side trim panels finished in Monolith metallic matte with clear over-painted tapes and a frame that is powder-coated in Agate Grey metallic matte. The black drivetrain and the gold-finished brake calipers provide a contrast here. The distinguished appeal of the new R 1200 GS Exclusive can be further enhanced with a selected program of BMW Motorrad optional equipment and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories.

R 1200 Rallye: the sportiest standard GS of all times. The off-road character of the new R 1200 GS is particularly emphasized in the Rallye version. The coloring in Lupine Blue metallic, the over-painted decor elements on the fuel tank sides reminiscent of the BMW Motorsport colors and in particular the frame powder-coated in Cordoba Blue go together with the black drivetrain and gold-finished brake calipers to create the sportiest standard GS of all times, even from a purely visual point of view. Functionally speaking, the new R 1200 GS Rallye underscores its claim to be the sportiest GS with numerous refined details. These include the Rallye seat, which features perfect ergonomic shaping for maximum freedom of movement while still offering excellent seating comfort – for two if necessary. As before, a low-cut sports windshield provides a clear view of rough terrain to the front while offering increased freedom of movement when the bike is ridden standing up. In addition to the radiator trim in robust stainless steel, a radiator guard protects the radiator from stone chip. Wide enduro footrests ensure a firm foothold and a special frame guard protects the section of the suspension in the boot area from unwanted scrape marks. The new R 1200 GS Rallye rolls on cross-spoke wheel with off-road capability: alternatively these can be ordered with studded tires as an ex works optional equipment item. Off-road enthusiasts can also opt for the sports suspension ex works. If the new R 1200 GS Rally is to be ridden in purist form, i.e. with the luggage bridge removed and without passenger footrests, these elements can be neatly covered with caps that are included.


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