The 2017 Honda 250X is reliable and trusted as a great entry-level machine. The 250X hasn’t actually changed between 2004 to 2018, so there’s a lot of these bikes around. For this build, we focused on making the bike a little more comfortable for shorter riders riding offroad. By having Factory Connection lower the suspension, and installing a slightly lower Moto Seat seat package, we were able to reduce the standover height by over an inch.

Our other main goal was to increase the power on the bike as the stock 250X is really corked down, but the potential for improvement is there. We went to Cylinder Works/Hot Cams to make this bike as fast and strong as an R model with a few of their reliable mods. Since we were replacing the piston anyway we went with the Cylinder Works BB product that just gives a bit more power and does not require any case modifications.   

We used the Applied Racing Smog Elimination kit and opened the airbox for better airflow. We removed the stock odometer as we are planning on adding a Trail Tech Voyager Pro setup for speedo/odometer functions, and installed the R model front axle in place of the stock X axle.

For better power with the airbox and All Balls carb modifications, we were able to install our full Yoshimura exhaust system. Not only does this increase power, but the bike sounds a lot better now.

Depending on your local laws, this bike is license plate ready due to the Tusk Dual Sport kit we installed that includes handguards with built-in blinkers, rear lights, and a horn.

Jetting Specs: 45 Pilot, 42 Leak, 170 Main, Needle  (R needle) in #2  Honda #16203-MEN-671, 2 turns out on Fuel Screw 

Parts list:

Chris Glaspell

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