Suzuki V-Strom Line Launch, Lake Arrowhead, California.

High above the endless metropolis of the LA basin sits the mountain getaway of Lake Arrowhead. With it’s rugged scenery and endless twisties, it’s the perfect location to test ride the new Suzuki V-Strom models.

After arrival at the hotel, we got the presentation on the new bikes with all the details of the V-Strom heritage, and where the new models have improved. Since it’s introduction in 2002, the V-Strom line has proved itself as one of Suzuki’s most successful product lines, and the 2017/18 bikes hope to continue this success. With the XT bikes Suzuki is reaching more into the adventure off-road market with spoked 17/19 inch wheels, as opposed to the cast wheels on the standard 650 and 1000. Suzuki is marketing these bikes as “Can Do Anything” machines.

We spent a half-day winding through the hills around Lake Arrowhead, and both models performed on-road excellent in both standard and XT spec. Our next mission at Upshift is to throw some Shinko 805 knobbies on both of these bikes and head off-road. Stay tuned for a future in-depth test review and videos.

2017 V-STROM 650 — V-STROM 650XT


Styling Design

  • New Dakar ADV Fairing Design with adjustable windshield

Advanced Electronics

  • New V-Strom 1000 inspired Multi-function instrument panel, New 3-mode Traction Control System, ABS, dash mounted power outlet

Engine & Chassis Updates

  • More Power Incorporating 2017 SV650 Technology 75hp
  • New Camshafts Boost Power
  • Resin-coated Pistons Reduce Friction & Increase Efficiency
  • Dual-spark Technology uses new, Long Projection Plugs
  • Easy Start System Added
  • Better MPG & Lower Emissions    
  • Changes result in a slim & lighter Chassis 

New Exhaust

  • New Style, Under-chassis Exhaust System
  • New Routing & Silencer Helps Keep Chassis Narrow
  • Includes HO2 Sensor and New Twin Catalyzer for Reduced Emissions

Unified Accessories with rack and sub-frame dimensions matched to V-Strom 1000

V-Strom 650XT  MSRP: $9299, Color: Champion Yellow No.2, Pearl Marble Black
V-Strom 650  MSRP: $8799, Color: Pearl Glacier White



2017 V-STROM 1000 — V-STROM 1000XT


Advanced Electronics

  • New Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • New Motion Track ABS & Combined Braking:
  • “Cornering ABS”
  • Exclusive Suzuki System Brings a new Level of Braking Control to this ADV Category
  • 3-axis IMU is Used to Supply Spatial Information To ABS Control Unit on Yaw, Roll, and Pitch of the motorcycle
  • ABS Functions Conventionally when Bike is Upright, But Can Blend Front or Rear Brake Pressure when it Leaned Over 

Refined Engine

  • 100hp
  • Refinements to Maintain Power, MPG, and Control Emissions (Euro4)
  • Twin Catalyzer in Exhaust

Styling Design

  • New Dakar ADV Fairing Design
  • New Taller, Reshaped Windshield with hand adjustable pitch, and adjustable height
  • Tubeless Spoke Wheels & Fatbar on XT Model
  • Vertically stacked headlights

Unified Accessories with the 650

V-Strom 1000XT  MSRP: $12,999, Color: Champion Yellow No.2, Pearl Marble Black
V-Strom 1000  MSRP: $12,699, Color: Pearl Glacier White

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