Honda Adventure Grom

The Honda Grom is fast becoming a very popular little machine, and a lot of guys are turning them into small road racing machines for the track, or just tearing around their neighborhoods. Since we are mainly into off-road adventure riding, we wanted to take the motorcycle in a different direction and turn the Grom into a a bit more of a Dual Sport/Adventure bike. What really spawned the idea of modifying our Grom was the rear fender/ license plate area. The Grom comes from the factory with a rear fender that nearly reaches the ground in stock form and because we’re going off-road, we didn’t want to eliminate the rear fender (like road race guys do) however it still needed some trimming to give it a much cleaner look. With no kit available to modify our fender, we had to take to our trusty Dremal tool and lop off the bottom ten inches of the fender, then fabricate a custom license plate bracket moving the plate up six inches and in two inches for a much cleaner look. 

After modifying the rear fender we went with the much smaller Tusk LED Blinkers front and rear that required TST pigtails to adapt the front blinkers and TST LED blinker relay to ensure proper operation of the indicators. 

With the rear of the bike looking much more streamlined, we installed Maxxis M6024 on/off-road tires front & rear giving the Grom the traction it needed for the dirt. We decided after adding the tires and rear fender mod, the little Grom needed more parts to truly turn it into a dual sport motorcycle. We added Renthal play bike handlebars and Applied bar clamps with ASV brake and clutch levers. For protection, we added Cycra ProBend handguards , Spider grips, then topped it off with some Works Connection bling parts and Acerbis dual sport mirrors. The stock forks are way too soft, so Race Tech went through the forks and added heavier springs and their Gold Valve kit for a much more manageable ride. For the rear sprocket we stayed with the stock gearing but went with a black Supersprox sprocket for durability. To add a “moto” feel to our Grom we installed Two Brothers aluminum foot pegs and the only real performance mod we made was to add a FMF full exhaust system to the machine. The aftermarket pipe added some bottom and mid range power without sacrificing the top end. Surprisingly the FMF isn’t really much louder than stock. Last, but not least, was to replace our stock saddle with a MotoSeat seat made of real suede and carbon that gives it a real adventure bike feel, we guarantee there’s not a Grom out there with a seat this nice.

Works Connection
Brake reservoir cap
Engine plugs and dip stick (not made for the Grom)

Tusk Off Road
Tusk LED turn signals

TST LED pigtails
TST LED turn signal relay
TST Honda pigtail connectors 

Two Brothers
Grom foot pegs

Dual Sport mirror

Rear sprocket

Suede and Carbon  seat.

Maxxis Tires 
Maxxis M6024

Race Tech 
Race Tech Grom Fork kit

FMF Exhaust 
FMF exhaust

Applied Racing
Applied bar clamps

Renthal Play Bike Bars

Spider Grips
Handle grips

Cycra ProBend hand guards

Chris Glaspell

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