KTM unveiled its most comprehensive, innovative and extreme range ever when it presented five new motorcycles at the EICMA show in Milan today (Tuesday, November 6). Leading its 2019 line-up is the eagerly-anticipated KTM 790 ADVENTURE and KTM 790 ADVENTURE R, which is set to hit North American dealerships in spring 2019. “You spoke, we listened.” KTM is a riders’ company and these all-new models are a direct result of customer feedback mixed with the brand’s experience and expertise. Punching way above their cubic capacities, with these two machines KTM sets a new performance and offroad ability benchmark in the mid-capacity Travel Enduro market.


The most performance-focused middleweight Travel Enduro in the segment, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R is able to travel longer distances than other offroad bikes. Pure KTM in its DNA and construction; lightweight, compact with high performance and able to tackle extreme terrain.

Insights from unrivaled 17 straight victories in the Dakar Rally, together with KTM’s READY TO RACE DNA, motivated the creation of a more compact and agile high-performance true offroad bike with the added benefit of exceptional long-distance travel capabilities. The KTM 790 ADVENTURE R has been developed alongside the seemingly unstoppable KTM 450 RALLY and the result is an extreme motorcycle that lets riders put its high-performance offroad racing genes to the test. Explore deeper into challenging terrain and more remote riding locations, thanks to its long-distance comfort.

Powered by the ultra-compact 799 cc LC8c parallel twin engine – introduced in the KTM 790 DUKE – the revised powerplant is more focused on the widest band of usable torque. The ride by wire technology and advanced electronic provides riders a choice of Street, Offroad, Rain and Rally ride modes in order to get the most from this potent package – whatever the conditions and terrain. Lean angle sensitivity is also in attendance, helping the motorcycle traction control (MTC) and cornering ABS to function in the most extreme of use. 

This compact powerplant also allowed KTM engineers and KISKA designers massive amounts of freedom in order to build an agile and responsive chassis around it. Enormous attention was paid to weight reduction and rider ergonomics; providing comfort over distance and the feel of full control on and offroad.

 The frame uses a tubular chromoly steel with the engine as a stressed member to reduce weight and overall size. The steel trellis subframe was developed to be compact, lightweight and also strong enough to carry a passenger and luggage under the hard conditions that can be expected when adventure riding. A standout element of the design and engineering concept is the fuel tank. The goal was to provide up to 450 km of riding between refueling and assist in agile, confidence-inspiring handling both on and offroad. The main volume of the tank is placed as low as possible to concentrate masses around the center point – even when the tank is full. Go to www.ktmusa.com for more information.

In terms of rider ergonomics, the slim upper part of the tank gives a narrow knee area when standing up, adding greater levels of control when riding offroad. It allows for a straighter seat, giving the rider more freedom to move, which is placed low to aid in the overall accessibility of the motorcycle without compromising ground clearance.

Extreme offroad riding demands components to withstand the terrain and ambitions of the rider and the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R is fully equipped for this. Specially developed for heavy duty – yet lightweight – spoked wheels are in real dirt-biased fitments; 21" front and 18" rear, fitted with Metzeler Karoo 3 tires. These hang from the premium WP XPLOR suspension to give the highest ground clearance and longest suspension travel in its segment; the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R has 240 mm of movement available in full control at each end of its fully adjustable suspension.

Made with KTM’s extreme competition DNA, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE R is a serious offroad motorcycle at its core. Equipped for extreme- minded adventurers who want to tackle a wide range of challenging terrain with race bike competency, all whilst supported by the comfort of long-distance travel ergonomics and the convenience of sophisticated electronics. It is the link between the KTM Enduro bikes and Street range. Unrivaled off-road travel capabilities await so that the rally never needs to end.


Key Features:

  • (95 hp) @ 8,000 rpm  2-cylinder, 4-stroke DOHC in-line engine, eight valves actuated via DLC-coated finger followers, electronic fuel injection, two balancer shafts, semi dry-sump lubrication with oil cooler 

  •  6 speed transmission with PASC™ slipper clutch and optional Quickshifter+

  •  Fully adjustable 48 mm XPLOR upside-down fork by WP Suspension with 240 mm of travel

  • 6-stage adjustable tapered aluminum handlebar with 30 mm of adjustment range

  •  Two 320 mm front brake discs with radial 4 piston radial calipers

  •  Cornering ABS including offroad mode

  •  Lean-angle sensitive motorcycle traction control (MTC) and motor slip regulation (MSR)

  •  Multifunctional dashboard with color TFT display and illuminated menu switch

  •  LED lighting all-round

  •  21" front and 18" rear spoked offroad wheels with OEM Metzeler Karoo 3 tires as standard

  •  KTM MY RIDE connectivity package with turn-by-turn navigation (app required)

  •  Optional cruise control

790 Adventure Shown

790 Adventure Shown


Lightweight, high performance and advanced electronic systems, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE is a machine that is equally happy on the street as it is offroad. This dynamic and accessible Travel Enduro has performance to rival bigger machines and provides rider and passenger with all-day comfort and the ability to always keep the adventure going – no matter what the road ahead is like. Taking full advantage of the compact powerplant that is the LC8c engine, the 799cc parallel twin cylinder has been specifically adapted for use in the KTM 790 ADVENTURE and has been tuned to deliver the torque lower down to fit the specific requirements of adventure riding. With 95 hp and 88 Nm, the engine delivers power and torque figures comparable to much larger displacement motorcycles. Most important – smooth in its delivery and urgent in its response.

By utilizing the most compact engine in the segment, the overall packaging of the KTM 790 ADVENTURE allows many advantages for machine and rider, with the main benefits in the ergonomics and handling. The chassis uses the compact LC8c engine as a stressed member and by keeping the center of gravity low – such as with the low-set 450 km range fuel tank – it allows a low seat height position to make the bike accessible for a larger array of riders. Other advantages with the upper part of the tank being slim is that it provides adventurers with better feel, contact and comfort with the bike, also letting them to move around when needed – such as with offroad riding. The WP APEX suspension offers 200 mm of travel at each end and provides damping qualities perfectly suited for adventure riding; two-up touring, dirt trails and bad roads, all while balancing unwavering stability, all day riding comfort but with typical KTM dynamic performance. Suspended by the suspension are spoked wheels in true off-road sizes; 21" front wheel with an 18" rear. These lightweight yet heavy duty items come fitted with Avon Trailrider tires – a true dual sport option.

The philosophy for KTM in terms of electronics is simple; to be able to enjoy the performance of the bike while offering a support that does not impede on the riding fun. With adventure riding, you never know what lies around the next corner, so the KTM 790 ADVENTURE boasts many rider assistance systems and is arguably the most technically advanced machine in its segment

Easily adjusted from the left bar-mounted menu switch, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE has different ride modes to enable riders to explore the full potential of the bike. Street, Offroad and Rain riding modes, along with the optional Rally mode, alter the behavior and feeling of the engine.

Changing a ride mode changes the throttle response, the traction control level and, depending on the mode, the peak power. On the street, lean angle sensitive electronics allow full use of engine and brake power even when leaning the bike over.

The KTM 790 ADVENTURE is also equipped with the state-of-the-art TFT display. Easily readable in all conditions, the full color, 5" screen’s configuration is variable and automatically adapts to changes in environmental light. The main information is arranged in a position where the rider can immediately see it, while additional displayed information can be chosen by the rider.

Thanks to this impressive display and for the adventurer who needs to keep connected, entertained and on the right path, the KTM MY RIDE system is integrated. This allows pairing with a smartphone for receiving (or rejecting) phone calls, listening to music and, using the optional app, navigating with on screen turn-by-turn directions along with audio prompts.

With the KTM 790 ADVENTURE, adventure riders have a new option when it comes to a pure Travel Enduro machine that will keep them going long after the paved roads have ended.­

Key Features:

  • (95 hp) @ 8,000 rpm 2-cylinder, 4-stroke DOHC in-line engine, eight valves actuated via DLC-coated finger followers, electronic fuel injection, two balancer shafts, semi dry-sump lubrication with oil cooler

  • 6-stage adjustable tapered aluminum handlebar with 30 mm of adjustment range

  • Two 320 mm front brake discs with radial 4 piston radial calipers

  • Cornering ABS including Offroad mode

  • Lean-angle sensitive motorcycle traction control (MTC) and motor slip regulation (MSR)

  • Multifunctional dashboard with color TFT display and illuminated menu switch LED lighting all around

  • KTM MY RIDE connectivity package with turn-by-turn navigation (app required)

  • Optional cruise control, Quickshifter+ and rally mode

  • Dry weight approx. 189 kg


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