With the 1200 Enduro, the first Dual Purpose with the Ducati name, being launched on the market, CNC Racing has started to work on this bike straight away, to design and make special components that are also functional for the expected use of this bike.

CNC Racing has therefore started from one of the components that has made it famous all over the world, the clutch actuator that it offers in three different types, with 26mm, 28mm and 30mm piston diameter. The fixed or folding brake and clutch levers are not missing from the CNC Racing catalogue for the Enduro 1200, both in the long (180mm) and short (150mm) versions. Always on the subject of functionality, without forgetting about aesthetics, CNC Racing proposes a varied range of pilot controls (both the “Easy” series and the “Pro” model for the most technical-minded) and pilot and passenger footrests that can be fitted onto the original platforms and available in pairs both in the “Easy” and “Touring” versions. A customised Ducati cannot not be equipped with the famous CNC Racing frame caps, available in kit for this bike (9 pieces) or with the front and back wheel bumpers that protect the wheel when sliding. The brake/clutch oil tanks deserve a chapter all to themselves. They are available in various styles: the “Rebel” version prefers design coupled with product functionality and exclusivity, the “Pramac Limited Edition” looks for the Moto GP emotion, while the classical version relies on colour customisation and Ergal lightness. See all the available product on the CNC Racing website Here

Chris Glaspell

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