Giant Loop’s tag line, “Go Light, Go Fast, Go Far” states desirable goals for the hardcore, off-road oriented adventure rider. Their philosophy embraces the “less is more” theorem, targeting reduced mass to ease workloads on both rider and bike. Their soft luggage systems are devoid of heavy parts and complexity but are still designed to withstand abuses of road and trail.

The Kiger Tank Bag is constructed of polyurethane coated polyester, akin to whitewater raft material. It is reinforced with foam to help the 9L capacity bag keep its shape. At only 8” wide, it has a narrower stance than most tank bags and employs a clamshell design; think of a gift box. The upper lid encloses the top of the lower “box” and is hinged in the front via Velcro and secured at the back by buckles and straps that vertically compress the bag along its length. This design eliminates zippered closures, which can leak and are difficult to operate with heavy gloves. The design inherently resists water entry, and further weather proofing is provided by a “Dry Pod.”  This fully seam sealed dry bag closes with a water resistant zipper and buckle and is anchored within the tank bag by Velcro. The map pocket on top utilizes touch screen compatible clear vinyl and there are mesh pockets at the rear and on the underside of the lid for small items. The clamshell design allows power cords to be snaked into the bag from any direction.
The Kiger Tank Bag is secured to the bike via a triple strap harness constructed of the same materials as the bag. The forward strap wraps around the head tube and two rear lateral straps secure to the frame on each side of the bike. There is plenty of adjustment available and excess strap ends are tidily bound by elastic loops. There is a cut out for the gas cap and the bag is attached to the harness by large zippers.

During a week of riding in the mountains of Colorado, the Kiger Tank bag was never left behind. Loaded to the gills with radio equipment, personal electronics, waterproof jacket liner, extra gloves and food, the bag and harness never faltered on the rockiest of trails. Cold morning rain and mist never invaded the interior of the main bag and while open at rest stops, electronics in the Dry Pod were totally safe. The narrow dimensions would be advantageous on smaller dual sport bikes but on larger adventure bikes, I think going wider and reducing height would make the bag more unobtrusive during aggressive riding.

I used the Kiger Tank bag in conjunction with Giant Loop’s Siskiyou Panniers (70L) and Tillamook Dry Bag (38L) for a complete soft luggage system on my KTM Adventure 990. All of the components shared the same design philosophies and kept all of my items dry and secure in every condition encountered during my shoulder season trip in the mountains. Everything shows cosmetic wear but structurally they are 100% ready for the next adventure. Just seeing them empty makes me yearn for the next outing and my experience with the Kiger Tank Bag only reinforces my trust in the “Go Light, Go Fast, Go Far” mantra. Kiger Tank Bag with Dry Pod Liner MSRP: $290.00www.giantloopmoto.com


Chris Glaspell

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