Words: Adam Booth    Photos: Simon Cudby

Words: Adam Booth    Photos: Simon Cudby

So you own the new Honda Africa Twin, well now it’s time to take your extra cash and buy some gear that lets everyone know you are 100% devoted to the Africa Twin and all its glory. The special-edition KLIM Africa Twin collection uses the Latitude jacket and pant, re-developed in black and red colorways. It is of course branded with official KLIM, Honda and Africa Twin logos.

The KLIM Honda Africa Twin Latitude jacket and pant are built using durable Gore-Tex waterproof fabrics. The Gore-Tex trade marked statement, Guaranteed To Keep You Dry, sums up what the gear is all about. An integrated D3O armor system provides full impact coverage and Cordura laminate in high abrasion zones further increases durability.  A total of 11 jacket pockets and three pant pockets offer massive cargo capacity. 3M Scotchlite reflective material is used across the jacket for increased visibility and multiple intake and exhaust vents allow custom temperature management.

KLIM gear isn’t exactly cheap, but quality doesn’t come free. The fit of the KLIM Africa Twin gear (Latitude gear) is relaxed and very comfortable. Velcro straps around the waist and on the arms allow you to quickly adjust the fit. Pant and jacket sizing is correct and the pant offers adjustment depending on what you wear under and how many cheeseburgers you ate last week. The Velcro adjustment straps are thick and provide plenty of security. The D30 elbow and shoulder pieces, along with the D30 Viper back protector in the jacket are removable, but they fit so naturally we never noticed they were there and left them in.

All black gear is extra warm in the summer but thanks to well designed venting, cooling off is pretty easy and effective. The collar can be opened up and anchored back to flow even more air. With five external pockets, and four internal pockets, storage was not a problem. An internal secret pocket hides valuables. We’ve spent 10 hours in pouring rain wearing KLIM gear and stayed perfectly dry, their Gore-Tex waterproofing is awesome.

Fit and finish of the Latitude gear is excellent, waterproofing is excellent and durability is incredible. The zippers all work smoothly and the pockets and vents are easy to navigate with gloves and a helmet on. We haven’t had a big crash wearing the Latitude gear but we feel very good about the protection offered by the D30 and abrasion resistant materials used. If you don’t ride an Africa Twin and like the Latitude gear, it comes in other colors that don’t have any brands specific labeling. The Latitude jacket retails for $649.99 and the Latitude pant will set you back $529.99.


Chris Glaspell

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