New Rally Footpegs 'Widen' IMS ADV Series

Riverside, CA (November24, 2015) - IMS Products, the off-road icon for larger capacity fuel tanks and aftermarket footpegs, proudly announces the third, and newest model in the IMS Adventure Footpeg series; the IMS Rally peg.

The IMS Rally pegs   offer an aggressive tall tooth design and a much wider overall platform to better distribute riders weight and lean angle, greatly improving overall handling and control.  For 450cc riders in the desert (WORCS, BAJA) to the sands of Dakar, to Adventure riding on a 1200cc+ bikes, the comfort and handling is a noticeable improvement from the first mile to the 1000th. 

The Rally Peg was designed and tested by a host of adventure riders, off-road racers and our resident rally racer.  "I ran the new IMS Rally Pegs at this year's Moroccan Rally as a test for the Dakar Rally," explains Alexander Smith. "The peg was exactly what I was looking for in terms of size, aggressive traction and overall fit and finish."

The Rally Peg comes complete with a Melonite finish that hardens the surface of the peg to withstand the harsh conditions of Adventure riding. IMS stands atop the entire series of Adventure pegs with a Lifetime Guarantee . 

Whether you're a casual racer, pro, desert rider or an adventure enthusiast, the IMS Rally Peg offers maximum performance for your next ride and are available for models, from MX to Adventure bikes. To purchase Rally Pegs or other IMS Products please visit our motorcycle dealers nationwide or direct online at for $199.00

Cast Certified 17-4 Stainless Steel
Melonite Finish Hardens the Surface Even Further
Certified Heat Treating (Homogenizing and Annealing process)
Tested and Developed by Top Adventure Riders
'Wall Design' Provides Optimal Tooth Surface While Reducing Weight
Increased Width Provides Leverage for Better Handling, Stability & Comfort
Built in the U.S.A.

For more information about IMS Products call us at 800.237.9906 and follow us on Twitter ( @IMSProducts ), Facebook ( ) and Instagram ( @IMSProducts ). "Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride."