The All-new High-performance Dunlop Trailsmart

No matter how you measure it, this is the age of adventure. Roll into your favorite Sunday morning haunt and chances are you’ll see adventure bikes plastered with destination stickers on their panniers parked among the sport bikes and café racers. Measured by sales or model proliferation, no other segment has grown like the adventure bikes, and among the many offerings you’ll find some of the most powerful and sophisticated motorcycles available today.

Adventure bike usage is as diverse as the riders themselves. Touring, commuting, weekends on winding back roads and off-road exploring all define the segment. So when Dunlop set about building theultimate adventure tire, the performance envelope had to be abroad one.  

Enter the Trailsmart, the most advanced adventure tire Dunlop has ever created. Designed to complement the weight and massive power of today’s large-displacement adventure bikes, the Trailsmart was developed over 18 intensive months. More than 400 tires in 52 different configurations were tested before Dunlop finalized the design. The end result is a tire for serious adventure riders who place a priority on mileage and wet and dry grip, who ride primarily on the street, but also explore beyond the pavement’s end. 

The Trailsmart features Dunlop’s new XGT Cross Groove tread pattern. Intersecting tread grooves rapidly evacuate water in wet conditions, and help to find traction off-road. The grooves also aid in bump absorption, which helps the tires roll over small obstacles for greater off-road traction. 

The interaction and orientation of the Cross Groove tread pattern also has significant advantages on the street. The pattern provides a large footprint and equalizes pressure distribution across the tire, improving mileage and handling, and promoting more even wear as the miles add up. Tread block rib angles help optimize block stiffness to reduce tire squirm and heat buildup through friction, thus reducing wear around the tread block edges.

Like Dunlop’s high-performance Sportmax® tires, Trailsmart also employs Jointless Band (JLB) rear-tire construction. JLB uses a continuously wound belt around the tire that helps maintain a consistent contact patch and reduces distortion and excessive heat build-up, contributing to an enhanced highway ride and higher mileage. 

The Trailsmart also employs a new silica-fortified tread compound that enhances traction in wet and dry conditions, promotes quick warm-up on cool days, and helps reduce rolling resistance for better mileage.

With a broad size range including 19- and 21-inch fronts and 17- and 18-inch rears, the Trailsmart covers a huge selection of adventure bikes, from middleweights to the 150-horsepower big-displacement machines at the top of the food chain. 

High mileage, a smooth ride, great wet and dry grip, and capable of tackling off-road exploration as well, the all-new Trailsmart is a new generation adventure tire for a new generation of adventure riders who want a tire that can take them just about anywhere they want to go.