The most prominent feature of the DeLorme InReachSE is the Iridium satellite network on which it operates. Iridium’s 66 Low Earth Orbiting, cross-linked satellites (with several in-orbit spares) promise 100% global coverage. Other networks cannot provide seamless coverage.

The DeLorme InReachSE provides the vital SOS function via a locking slider and a clearly marked “SOS” button on the front of the device, which can all be done single handedly, in gloves (even mittens). A standout feature of this device due to the two-way Iridium network is the message delivery confirmation.

The SOS signal goes straight to the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). This is an underground bunker north of Houston, with redundant electrical grids, generators and its own independent water supply – when the rest of the world is detonating, the IERCC will still be able to assist. The IERCC tracks the coordinates, notifies emergency contacts and deploys the local Search and Rescue personnel, while staying in contact with the rider via messaging on the DeLorme InReachSE. This ability to communicate with rescue personnel is incredibly valuable, not only for the peace of mind of the injured, but also to the rescuers; knowledge of injury severity and conditions can have vast effects on the outcomes for both parties.

GEOS partners with DeLorme and the IERCC to monitor rescue efforts and provides essentially a rescue insurance program as part of their end user membership. 

The SOS function is far and away the most important, but the DeLorme InReachSE is also a standalone satellite messaging device that is able to send and receive 160 character messages to cell phones and email addresses, from anywhere in the world. Typing on the device is laborious but pairing via Bluetooth with a cell phone and utilizing DeLorme’s Earthmate app provides the normal smartphone keyboard as well as an array of mapping functions. Custom preloaded messages can also be sent directly from the device.

Another important ability of the DeLorme InReachSE is the tracking function. When this feature is activated, the device leaves location “breadcrumbs” that are viewable on the Delorme Explore web portal. Viewers can also “ping” your location using the web portal for a real-time location. The website can also be used to set up preloaded messages, emergency contacts, view previous trips and even link your device to social media accounts.

Other pertinent Delorme InReachSE stats:

  • GPS accuracy of +/- 5m
  • Lithium battery lasts 100 hours of continual use with 10-minute tracking intervals
  • Color screen viewable in daylight
  • IP67 water and dust rating,
  • Mil-STD-810G rated for
  • impact/shock
  • The only ding on the Delorme InReachSE is the large form
  • factor; it is noticeably bigger and heavier than other units (5.8” x 2.4” x 1”, 7 oz.), but performs many more functions than just an emergency beacon.
  • The Delorme InReachSE is an indispensable tool for the adventure, trail and dual sport rider longing for the corners of the map. The two-way, anywhere in the world messaging, location capabilities, network coverage/reliability and ruggedness qualifies this device as an EDC for the adventuresome set. From sending SOS to LOL, this device has it all IMO….
  • MSRP: 299.95 USD
  • Service subscription pricing:
  • Annual contract plans 11.95-79.95 per month, Non contract plans 14.95-99.95 per month
  • GEOS rescue memberships: 17.95-179.95/year

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