In my case, or for any owner of a Honda Africa Twin that does distance trips, you need more fuel capacity.  With a little research on the web I decided on the Camel ADV auxiliary tank. I went through the online order process and in a few days my box arrived.

I opened the box to find everything professionally packaged, neatly wrapped, and well organized. I went to the web site camel-adv.com as suggested to watch the online installation video, as well as, the link to the video on the body panel removal.  Both are   well done, and I referred back to them on several occasions during the installation process.

I was able to bypass a couple of steps because I already had the Touratech panniers mounted on my bike which also serves as a mounting point for the upper bracket. The installation took a couple hours with just the tools suggested by Camel ADV, and putting the body panels back on, is half the job.

Here are my results during my 5000 mile ride starting on the west coast heading back east.  Riding the bike with the stock tank doing some trails, roads, and just general travel I got appx 150 to 180 miles to the tank.  Doing the same type of riding with the Camel ADV auxiliary (1.5 gal extra) I was able to go 275 miles before the low fuel light came on.

Riding my bike (standard tank) at just highway speeds I was only able to go appx 120-130 miles before the low fuel light came on.  With the Camel ADV fuel tank traveling on Montana Highways (speed limit 80mph) I was able to go 225 miles before the light came on.

I can say that I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the Camel ADV tank.  It fits nicely behind the pannier rack and the fuel cap is easily accessible. I do recommend the tethered cap and you get free shipping. If you are going to do any distance riding on the Africa Twin I highly recommend this product. I give it 5 stars. MSRP: $399.00 www.camel-adv.com

Tom Carson –Alpinestars Medical Unit

Chris Glaspell

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