By Seiji Ishii 

By Seiji Ishii 

One of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for the adventure rider are larger adventure specific footpegs.  Normally OEM pegs are dwarfed; the larger surface area presumably bringing comfort during extended stints of standing on heavier bikes that require more forceful input from the legs and feet. This sounds good in theory, but concerns stir around the wider pegs being more prone to hitting obstacles or flexing under load. Fastway, by Pro Moto Billet, jumped into the game early and their pegs have become a permanent fixture on my favorite steed.

The Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Adventure Foot Pegs increase the real estate available for your feet by a huge amount, measuring a stout 2.25” x 4.75”. This generous platform is threaded to accept eighteen stainless steel studs for traction; both 10mm and 12mm lengths are included along with Loctite to ensure security. Each set of pegs includes an all stainless-steel bike specific fit kit. Although massive in dimensions, the pegs are not portly, averaging 1.25lb per pair, on par with stock units and much lighter than all steel adventure specific models. 

These pegs are adjustable in a myriad of ways, and decisions must be made during the installation process. The length of traction cleats, height of pegs and camber of pegs are all variable to account for personal preferences. I run the shorter 10mm cleats, which leaves 2mm exposed (vs. 12mm, leaving 4mm exposed), maintain the stock height (vs.8- 10mm lower) and leave them flat (vs. tilted inwards.) Spiked and serrated cleats are offered by Pro Moto Billet, and different types and lengths can be mixed (higher center row of the platform for example.) A patented Universal Collar System (UCS) is included with each fit kit, and is comprised of a collar that sits between the peg body and the peg retaining pin. Simply flipping this clever collar alters the height of the peg, while a bolt that acts as a frame stop varies the camber. Another advantage of the UCS, is the ability to move the pegs to a different bike by purchasing different collars instead of the entire system. 

The wide stance of the Fastway Pro Moto Billet Adventure Foot Pegs initially caused concerns, as they seemed much more likely to hit trail obstacles, flex under load, and potentially fail to fold up if the bike goes down. The cleats also seemed super aggressive even with the shorter studs. The shorter studs have the potential to chew through boot soles in short order. 

After over 4000 miles of testing in every conceivable condition and terrain, all concerns have been annulled. The large surface area and traction provided by the studs never failed in keeping my feet stable, wet or dry, no matter how aggressive the terrain. Even with a heavily loaded bike and as much body English as I can muster, I have never felt any discernible flex. I have a few adventure boots that have softer soles and the massive surface area definitely diminished the potential for underfoot hotspots, even on the longest of days. The amount of traction, surface area, and leverage provided by the pegs, improved both chassis feedback and ability to force control through the legs and feet. I have only hit one obstacle with a peg: a rock buried at the crest of a roller, and the rounded corner profile allowed it to harmlessly glance off. In a few tip-overs, the pegs folded up as required; cut outs at the rear corners of the platforms allowed plenty of clearance. 

The Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Adventure Foot Pegs prove to be a fully functional and worthy upgrade to adventure bikes. All the benefits of the larger dimensions combined with the ability to customize traction and positioning of the pegs, far outweigh the increased potential of them hitting trailside obstacles for this tester. Add the lack of a weight penalty, the proven durability over this long-haul test and the bling factor, and you have a product that demands serious consideration. MSRP: $274.95 with bike specific fit kit. www.promotobillet.com

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