Words: Simon Cudby  Action Photo: Adam Waheed

Words: Simon Cudby  Action Photo: Adam Waheed

Although the Shinko 804/805 Adventure Trail combo has been around for a while, many riders are starting to use this 60% dirt, 40% road tire as it offers great performance at a competitive price.

The initial feel on the road with a brand new set was very predictable. Let’s face it, we think of our adventure bikes as oversize dirt bikes, and the Shinkos handled the street and freeway with no problems even with their aggressive knobbies. We had a set mounted on our Honda Africa Twin DCT and after the rains in Southern California we hit the moist dirt, and these tires really started to be at home.  From the wet road sections, to some deeper wet sand sections, we had no issues with the predictability of what this tire was going to do.

The Continental TKC is OEM spec on many bikes, and is widely regarded as one of the best handling ADV tires off-road. We have to say that the Shinko 804/805 set-up is every bit as good as the Conti tires, and with the Continentals only lasting around 2500 miles, the estimated 4500 miles that we have seen on the Shinkos is a great upgrade in tire wear, whilst not sacrificing performance. 

The Shinko 804/804 Adventure Trail tires will be at the top of our list when it comes time for fresh rubber. 804 Front 90/90-21 MSRP $99.95, 805 Rear150/70-18 MSRP $169.95 www.shinkotireusa.com


Chris Glaspell

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