SHOEI® Safety Helmet Corp is proud to announce the Spring '18 arrival of the all-new NEOTEC II to the North American marketplace, as well as the specially developed, SENA-exclusive SRL Bluetooth Communication System designed for seamless integration with the NEOTEC II. 

An every-occasion helmet with the adaptability to excel no matter where your next journey takes you, the NEOTEC II does it all with style and precision. The convenient “flip-up” versatility of a true two-in-one helmet combined with next-level aerodynamics, an internal sun shield, the Pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the all-new SENA SRL (SHOEI Rider Link) Communication System, the NEOTEC II is the pinnacle of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.

"We are very excited to see SENA introduce a truly integrated communication system that has been specially designed for the NEOTEC II. The fact that there is no compromise to the appearance of our helmet nor the aerodynamic performance, including wind noise, is very exciting! SENA's well-known history and innovative product design will no doubt positively enhance each rider's experience on any journey." - Moichi Tsuzuki, President of SHOEI North America.

SENA's exclusive SRL Communication System is tailored specifically to the SHOEI NEOTEC II helmet. When installed, the SRL is virtually undetectable from the outside of the helmet, and functions with a simple 3-button control. Chatting with other riders via bluetooth intercom, listening to music, hearing turn-by-turn GPS directions, and much more has never been this streamlined in such a high quality device.

“SENA has made products that are compatible for SHOEI helmets in the past, but we are proud to finally announce this joint endeavor. Seamless integration of the SRL into the NEOTEC II will provide the optimal riding experience.” Says Tae Kim, CEO SENA Technologies, Inc.



Design Concept
Evolved from the unrivaled, highly-acclaimed NEOTEC, the NEOTEC II boasts incredible advancements in noise-reduction technology, wind/water tight sealing, face-cover functionality, and riding comfort. Perhaps the most exciting new feature for many seasoned riders, however, is the ‘Intercom-Ready Design’, which allows the NEOTEC II to seamlessly integrate with the specially developed SENA-exclusive SRL communication system. 

An every-occasion helmet with the adaptability to excel no matter where your next journey takes you, the NEOTEC II does it all with style and precision. The convenient “flip-up” versatility of a true two-in-one helmet combined with next-level aerodynamics, an internal sun shield, the Pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the all-new SENA SRL Communication System, the NEOTEC II is the pinnacle of modular helmet design for today’s hybrid motorcyclists.


Flip-Up Chin Bar & Face Shield
The NEOTEC II’s revamped modular, “flip-up” functionality offers the convenience and versatility of a full-face helmet that converts smoothly and seamlessly into an open-face configuration*. Utilizing an enlarged lock release button to facilitate easy handling with gloves on, the NEOTEC II’s lightweight chin bar and face shield rotate with smooth precision on a variable eccentric-axis, yielding the seamless versatility of a true two-in-one design. An all-new dual locking system yields improved holding power when in the fully-opened position.

360° Pivot Locking System
SHOEI’s proven ‘360° Pivot Locking System’ is road tested and made of high quality stainless steel components to ensure a safe and secure closure when the NEOTEC II’s chin bar is in the down, locked position. 
*In order to maximize head protection performance, riding your motorcycle with the face cover in the fully closed position is strongly recommended


Intercom-Ready Design
If you’re a NEOTEC II owner, gone are the days of custom-fabricating bulky universal intercom systems into your helmet. Specially designed for the NEOTEC II, the all-new SENA SRL Communication System* seamlessly integrates with ease and precision. Sleek in appearance, the SRL installs effortlessly, and allows for the NEOTEC II’s advanced safety and performance to remain intact.

*SRL is specially developed for the NEOTEC II, and is sold exclusively by SENA.
For more information on the SENA SRL Communication System, visit


Refined in SHOEI’s wind tunnel, the NEOTEC II’s aerodynamics have been optimized to excel in varying riding positions. In addition to its streamlined shape and shell-integrated spoiler (reshaped and repositioned to further reduce lift and drag), the NEOTEC II’s innovative top air outlet design serves as a spoiler while in an upright riding position. Along with the newly-designed ‘Aero Deflector’ for improved chin bar aerodynamics, the ‘Vortex Generator’ lip reduces unwanted wind noise while helping to manage airflow around the helmet in varying riding positions.

Noise Reduction
Thanks to time well spent in SHOEI’s wind tunnel to R&D innovative new noise reduction technologies, NEOTEC II riders will enjoy an incredibly quiet journey with advanced helmet functionality. In addition to an enhanced shell shape that improves noise control and aerodynamics, all-new ‘Noise Isolator’ cheek pads deflect and reduce unwanted road noise. New airtight window beading and the chin bar’s ‘Vortex Generator’ lip help to reduce noise and manage airflow around the helmet. 

CNS-3 Shield & Base Plate
The NEOTEC II’s CNS-3 shield system provides a massive field of vision and protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. SHOEI’s 3D injection-molding process ensures a distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision, and the all-new shield design provides improved air/water sealing and noise reduction. 

Coupled with the CNS-3 base plate system, shield changes and base plate function have never been smoother. The spring-loaded base plates pull the shield back against the all-new airtight window beading to ensure a wind and waterproof seal with each and every closure. Designed to drain and prevent water from entering the helmet, the new airtight beading excels in every condition.

The NEOTEC II comes equipped with a Pinlock® EVO Fog-Resistant System, offering the most effective anti-fog protection in existence. 


QSV-1 Internal Sun Shield
The NEOTEC II’s built-in QSV-1 sun shield gives riders instant relief from sun glare in one quick motion. A large, easily located switch activates the 3D injection-molded inner shield, and the distortion-free view blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays just like the CNS-3 external shield that lies ahead. The forehead area of the outer shell is raised slightly to accommodate the internal sun shield, allowing for the integrity of the helmet’s inner EPS liner to remain intact. 

New for the NEOTEC II, the small shell opening that allows the internal sun shield mechanism’s metal wires pass through has been minimized further, helping to reduce unwanted noise inside the shell.


Ventilation Performance
Utilizing SHOEI’s wind tunnel to help reveal the optimal balance between airflow and silence, SHOEI engineers equipped the all-new NEOTEC II with superior ventilation performance. Featuring large upper and lower vent shutters for ease of use with riding gloves, an expanded 3-position upper vent for optimal air intake customization, all-new upper exhaust outlets that flank the upper air intake for improved hot-air clearing, and uniquely-positioned top exhaust outlet vents to take better advantage of negative pressure suction, the NEOTEC II’s ventilation is ready for any and every adventure thrown its way.


Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Shell
Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as critical as its first-layer of defense, which is precisely why the all-new NEOTEC II features the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Shell construction. Combining fiberglass with lightweight organic and high-performance fibers, the NEOTEC II’s proprietary AIM Shell provides optimal impact-absorption, strength and elasticity. DOT Certified, the NEOTEC II AIM Shell is available in four sizes (XS-XXL) to ensure a custom fit for every rider.


Multi-Piece EPS Liner
The NEOTEC II’s Multi-Piece EPS Liner not only provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of foam, it is designed to allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS, further enhancing the NEOTEC II’s unmatched ventilation characteristics. Precise placement of high-quality multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design. 

Micro Ratchet Chinstrap
After years of successful use and satisfaction on SHOEI helmet models in Europe and other regions around the world, the all-new NEOTEC II features the SHOEI Micro Ratchet Chinstrap. With a 100% stainless steel interlocking mechanism, our patent-pending Micro Ratchet Chinstrap system is comfortable, easily-adjustable, and offers a quick, smooth, and secure closure.

Interior Comfort System
The NEOTEC II is equipped with a fully removable, washable, replaceable and adjustable interior system. The 3D center pad components are three-dimensionally shaped to match the contours of a rider’s head, allowing for an extremely comfortable fit while maintaining the firm hold necessary for distraction-free, high-speed riding. The NEOTEC II’s multi-layer cheek pads improve comfort and helmet stabilization, and are available in different thicknesses for a customizable fit.

All-new ‘Noise Isolator’ cheek pads help deflect wind and reduce unwanted noise for an optimal riding experience. 

NEOTEC II Pricing* Solid Colors: $699.00, Metallic Colors: $699.00, Graphics: $799.00(*MSRP SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

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