RadiusX and TorqDrive Now Available for Honda Africa Twin

RadiusX for Honda Africa Twin

RadiusX for Honda Africa Twin

BOISE, Idaho – May 14, 2018 – Rekluse has announced the release of their RadiusX auto clutch and TorqDrive® manual clutch for the Honda Africa Twin (CRF1000L) and the all-new Africa Twin Adventure Sports (CRF1000L2). TorqDrive provides more clutch disks in less space, delivering high performance within the framework of the stock clutch. RadiusX brings together a TorqDrive clutch pack with Rekluse’s EXP auto clutch disk, resulting in increased performance with the convenience of auto clutch functionality. 

TorqDrive for Africa Twin

TorqDrive for Africa Twin

TorqDrive provides the addition of 4 friction disks to the clutch pack over stock, increasing the disk count from 8 to 12.  More frictions = more torque capacity and less slip, thus unlocking the full power of your engine without the need to add stiffer pressure plate springs to combat clutch slip.

RadiusX brings auto clutch function to the manual transmission models, providing an enhanced riding experience that is different from what the DCT equipped models provide.  RadiusX allows full lever control and modulation at all times, while providing anti-stall function. This allows the rider to start and stop in gear without touching the clutch lever and only controlling the throttle.  Whether in traffic or on the dirt, RadiusX provides an elevated riding experience

With RadiusX, a high performance auto clutch is just a clutch pack swap away. RadiusX combines a TorqDrive clutch pack with Rekluse’s innovative EXP auto clutch disk. TorqDrive technology provides high performance auto function within the framework of the stock clutch.

Learn more through your local dealer or at Rekluse.com

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Founded in 2002 from personal inspiration and collective vision, Rekluse changed the game in clutch performance technology. Rekluse performance clutch products improve riding experiences for power sports enthusiasts worldwide. Rekluse products are engineered, developed and manufactured in Boise, Idaho, USA. Driven by purpose, progress and performance, Rekluse will inspire a better adventure.

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