By Seiji Ishii

By Seiji Ishii

Goggles get very little fanfare. Compared to helmets and other gear it seems goggles get the least consideration and the last bit of the budget, even though the consequences of failure are high. Compromised vision or catastrophic eye or face injury begs equal attention, and SCOTT USA has over 40 years of experience protecting these valuables. 

The SCOTT Prospect Goggle is the newest top of the line model from one of the most recognized brands in the industry and is made entirely in the United States. Over two years of development delivers a completely new design. The Prospect brings a wider field of vision, a new SCOTT Lens Lock System, SCOTT TruView lenses, pivoting outrigger system, NoSweat 3.2 foam, and a wider strap for better retention. 

The first thing noticed on the SCOTT Prospect Goggle was the sheer size; it was one of the widest goggles I have tested and was the deepest top to bottom. This massive coverage area created an amazing field of vision, both peripherally and vertically and protected not only the eyes but also the area of the face that wasn’t shielded by the helmet. In most situations, there was no area of the face exposed. It was hard to go back to narrower goggles after becoming accustomed to using the wide angle of vision. The depth of the goggles was evident initially in regards to fit as the goggle sat lower on the face and nose, but after a day, I never noticed that again. The associated larger vertical field of vision was perceptible, but the helmet chin bar limited its use. This expanded coverage area had one drawback: the larger frame took more care in fitting into the helmet eye port, particularly the nose guard. I chose to remove mine as it was continually getting hung up on the helmet chin bar, both when donning and removing, and I found that it was redundant coverage. 


The SCOTT Lens Lock System never failed in keeping the lens intact with the frame, and no dust ever leaked between the lens and the frame. Four locking pins that go through the lens secured it on the front while the usual frame grooves retained each side. The locking pin system was hard to open and close, but was still much faster than inserting the entire lens in the usual continuous groove with tabs. SCOTT touted the Lens Lock System as a safety feature, ensuring the lens remained secure, so the quick lens change was a side benefit. The lens was 1.0mm thick polycarbonate, substantially thicker than the .8mm that was common. It was also quite resistant to scratches compared to other lenses and the permanent No Fog Anti-fog treatment proved effective, even during cold and damp conditions while traversing mountains in Oregon. Although not usually a concern for the dual sport or ADV rider, the TruView lenses used four tear-off posts instead of two, which made removing a tear-off more difficult, but the long tail of the tear-offs was easier to find and grab. 

The pivoting outrigger system worked well across a variety of helmet brands and always produced the correct pressure against my face, inspiring confidence that debris and dust would remain on the outside. The even face pressure, combined with the 2” wide strap with double silicone beads, consistently held the goggles in the desired position regardless of terrain or riding aggressiveness. The two layers of foam and one layer of fleece provided a comfortable seal and proved capable of absorbing enough sweat, even in the summer heat of Texas. The foam was also not overly thick, keeping the goggles relatively close to the face, enhancing the field of vision. The foam has also been durable through a few machine wash cycles, nothing delaminating or tearing. 

The SCOTT Prospect Goggles massive field of vision and improved protective features are the main functional advantages, but this goggle also does everything else right. Premier goggle prices have risen in the last few years; some suggested retail prices are north of $150.00. The SCOTT Prospect MSRP is $89.95 with both tinted chrome and clear lenses, which may be the biggest selling point of all.  MSRP: $89.95. www.scott-sports.com

Enduro Version (double vented lens system) and 50mm Works Film System roll off versions also available. 


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