By Seiji Ishii

By Seiji Ishii

A sleek and integrated way to add extended range to the KTM 950/990 Adventure, the stock 5.8 gallons of total fuel capacity on KTM 950/990 Adventure can fall short for the true journeyman yearning for long stretches of lonely dirt in remote places. Carrying extra fuel bottles, Rotopax containers and the like can suffice, but Rottweiler Performance has developed a slick, integrated and automated way to extend the range of the venerable 950/990 by 35 to 50 miles.

The Rottweiler Performance Endurocell Extended Range Fuel Tank occupies the exact circular space where the left-hand silencer resides on a stock 950/990 Adventure. A Rottweiler Single Side Out kit is required (MSRP $395.00 - $799.00), which replaces the mid pipe and deletes the dual muffler set up, leaving a single muffler on the right side while also eliminating 16 pounds of weight. Robust 1/8 inch thick aluminum is meticulously ARC welded to form the body of the fuel tank. Rottweiler offers 1 gallon or 1.3 gallon capacities, along with a natural aluminum finish or powder coated textured “stealth” black finish. 

Installing the Endorcell was simple and straightforward. Rottweiler Performance included all necessary hardware and explicit instructions to ensure a clean and tidy final product. A barbed T fitting was spliced into the crossover line between the two stock fuel tanks, and from there another fuel line was plumbed through the included check valve and hose clamps to the Endurocell. A mounting plate fastened the front of the tank to the subframe, and a large locking clevis pin affixed the rear through a stock silencer mounting tab. Composite materials isolate both front and rear tank anchor points from vibration. A highly recommended Quick Disconnect Kit utilized dry break connectors and allowed ten-second, tool-free removal of the tank. 

The Endurocell functioned seamlessly; fueling continued as normal, the low fuel light illuminated after the Endurocell stretched the range of the bike. Filling the Endorocell was an equally low effort affair; a standard threaded fuel cap and fuel neck graced the end of the tank, and the check valve prevented fuel in the stock tank from back flowing and reducing capacity or overflowing no matter the order of filling. Removing the Endurocell with the Quick Disconnect Kit involved separating the dry break connector, unclipping a pin from the rear of the tank, and lifting it up and back. This uncoupling ability saved the day when another rider ran out of fuel and made leaving the tank at home quick and easy. It also allowed simple separation of the Endurocell from the fuel system to save the gas for absolute emergencies. A billet fitting held the bike side dry break connector, while a cap (stored on this fitting) protected the Endurocell side connector. 

The investment required to utilize the Rottweiler Performance Endurocell is hefty; the Single Side Out Kit plus the Endurocell set up will indeed lighten your wallet. The Single Side Out Kit will drastically reduce weight, which improves handling and the Endorcell increases range and peace of mind. Rottweiler Performance historically upholds the highest degree of quality in its fabrication and hardware, and their design has proven thoughtful, thorough and clean. All of these aspects of a homegrown company deeply rooted in ADV and dual sport riding combine to produce end products that are much more than the sum of their parts, and the Endurocell is no different.
MSRP: $399.00, +$20.00 for textured black finish, +$89.95 for Quick Disconnect Kit. For more info go to  www.rottweilerperformance.com.

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