A leading suspension service company relocates to the Lone Star State

After a decade amassing both knowledge and a loyal following in the dual sport and adventure riding communities, Konflict Motorsports uprooted from its Pacific Northwest roots and relocated to Austin, TX.

“We miss warmer climates, and some family and friends. We've been in Austin a few times over the last year checking the local riding scene, working with a number of the local riders, and spent some time at the riding areas. To say we are excited about this next step would be an understatement!” stated owner and founder Alex Martens.

The move to the Hill Country of the Lone Star state provides several benefits for Konflict Motorsports, including faster shipping and turnaround times, reduced operational costs compared to Seattle, and improved access to dual sport and adventure riding events. Konflict Motorsports also enjoys a new, purpose-built shop, opening up the use of physical infrastructure not available in the past.

To help celebrate the move, Martens recruited Lyndon Poskitt Racing, a recipient of Konflict Motorsports support, to present the Races2Places slide show. The two-plus hour presentation showcases Poskitt’s five years of global motorcycle adventuring and racing, which includes events like the Dakar Rally.

The Grand Opening event took place on April 4th; doors opened at 3 pm, and Martens opened his shop for informal tours. The day marked a definitive switch to spring climates in central Texas, and riders on bikes started trickling in. Both Martens and Poskitt engaged in casual conversations, Poskitt eagerly signing everything from shirts to bikes and posing for photos without hesitation. Poskitt proved to be open, endearing, and transparent in all of his interactions with the local fans and media alike.

By the scheduled showtime of 6 pm, the Konflict Motorsports shop was standing room only. Although Poskitt revealed that he had only given the presentation twice prior, his delivery was engaging, entertaining, and inspiring, presented in a personal, conversational style that made everyone feel like he had been their longtime friend. It was easy to see why the Races2Places media is imminently popular as Poskitt’s visible character naturally attracts fans and supporters.

The first part of the Races2Places show addressed the why, when, where, and how of Poskitt’s dream and vision realized. A young and successful British engineer, seemingly with the world at his fingertips, realized the experiential emptiness of corporate life, financial rewards, and material gains. The love of motorcycling borne of trials riding as a youngster fueled dreams of two-wheeled travel and racing around the globe. Daydreaming at work eventually led to the huge leap of selling everything and executing the vision. Poskitt’s actions and experiences naturally create an exciting and inspiring tale.

The second half of the presentation revolved around Poskitt’s racing exploits, which include the 2016 and 2018 Dakar Rally in the Malle Moto class. This class requires the riders to perform all service, other than tire and mousse mounting, to be performed by the rider, out of a toolbox that must contain all required tools and materials outside of tires and spare parts. Assistance is not allowed, and anytime the regulation toolbox is out, officials monitor Malle Moto competitors closely to ensure compliance to the brutal regulations. Out on course, riders may get parts from each other, but no additional support is allowed.

Sleep deprivation for the Malle Moto competitors is a daily struggle, as bike work and marking the roadbook are incredibly time-consuming. While the factory riders enjoy the services of team mechanics, physios and chef, then slumber in a climate-controlled RV, Malle Moto competitors work late into the night and crawl into a tent. But Poskitt wouldn’t have it any other way; overcoming the most extreme of challenges and refusing to surrender were underlying currents throughout the Races2Places storyline, both during his global adventuring and racing events.

With the presentation over, Poskitt and Martens answered all questions and engaged in the inevitable bench racing banter, lubricated by the supplied beer and snacks. I caught up with riders that I haven’t seen in years and met many more that were only recognizable by names on social media. It became evident that Konflict Motorsports will become a hub of the central Texas dual sport and adventure riding community, and as a personal friend of Martens, I couldn’t be more stoked.

Words By Seiji Ishii, Photos by Chad de Alva

Konfict Motorsport’s new home in the Lone Star State:
4501 Weletka Dr. Suite #2
Austin, Texas 78734
Austin Local: (512) 772-4379
Monday-Thursday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM CST
Friday: 9:00 AM-3:00 PM CST

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