Leatt launches brand-new jackets, jerseys, pants, gloves, helmets.

Cape Town, South Africa Leatt just unveiled their all-new 2019 off-road gear collection. The inventors of the Leatt-Brace® and creators of technologically advanced protective gear, now offer head-to-knee protection and a full apparel range of products for all off-road moto disciplines.

The new 2019 gearline is packed with new styles and cutting-edge colorways, including new and refined pants, jacket, jersey and glove designs, as well as a range of helmets equipped with Leatt’s 360° Turbine Technology, and an extended junior collection. The GPX 5.5 and 6.5 helmets now have a new look with a redesigned mouthpiece and visor.

All the jerseys are compatible with a neck brace and body armor, with welded/overlocked seams for comfort, and rear silicone grip that ensures that it stays put. There are three styles, namely GPX 5.5 Ultraweld, a super lightweight and ventilated, race-fit jersey made of a MoistureCool stretch mesh, the GPX 4.5 Lite that offers a more classic fit, and the 4.5 X-Flow for those super-hot days.

The GPX 5.5 and 4.5 pants feature 3D molded, fully floating knee cap reinforcement with a pre-curved fit. The 5.5 pants feature Leatt’s I.K.S (Internal Knee Brace System), which helps to reduce knee brace wear and tear.


Enduro gear
Leatt’s brand-new GPX Enduro jacket now has a 39% lighter construction compared to previous designs and pairs with the off-road, over-the-boot 5.5 Enduro pants. This gear set’s durable construction is made for those truly tough conditions with features such as a bladder suspension system within the dedicated hydration pocket and the pants’ Internal Knee Brace System (I.K.S) that prevents knee brace wear and tear.


Other than the 5.5 Enduro jacket, Leatt’s line also includes two other jackets – the GPX 4.5 X-Flow and 4.5 Lite. The 4.5 Lite being a lightweight, water-resistant jacket whereas the X-Flow is also lightweight, but with X-Flow mesh and Spandura stretch panels with an internal hydration pocket and bladder system for up to three liters. Both jackets have storage pockets on the back and removable sleeves for additional ventilation on those hot days.

Leatt’s adult jersey prices are from $34.99, pants $119.99, and the jackets $189.99*.

Leatt’s 6.5 Carbon and 5.5 Composite helmets not only have updated graphics but an all-new look, with a redesigned mouthpiece and visor.

These helmets, as well as the GPX 4.5, feature Leatt’s category-defining 360º Turbine Technology and are available in both ECE and DOT shell certification.

The helmets are lined with turbines, which can move in all directions, constructed from an energy-absorbing material. This technology has two key advantages, namely the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain (up to 40% less) and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level (up to 30% less).

All three helmet models feature a reduced outer shell volume, also using a dual-density V-Foam EPS, which results in a significant decrease of rotational acceleration to the head and brain at impact level, proving that a smaller shell is a safer shell. Regardless of the speed, Leatt helmets facilitate great all-round ventilation.
The 6.5 is available in Carbon/Black, the 5.5 in four different colorways, and the 4.5 comes in five colorways.

The 6.5 retails for $499.99*, the 5.5 for $399.99*, and the 4.5 for $229.99*.

Leatt’s new glove line features five models. The GPX 4.5 Lite offers the highest level of protection, with all-new certified impact technology for the knuckles, third and fourth fingers. This low-profile, impact-absorbing material absorbs more energy than anything else of its kind.

The GPX 3.5 Lite has knuckle impact protection which is pre-formed under the material, giving a stealth look. Also featured is a Brush Guard on the little finger. Both the 4.5 and 3.5 gloves feature Leatt’s NanoGrip palm, each fiber being 7,500 times thinner than a human hair. This makes it durable, breathable and super comfortable with superior wet and dry grip, great handlebar feel, and it is touchscreen compatible.

The GPX 2.5 X-Flow is the most ventilated glove for warmer weather, with an upper X-Flow mesh and Brush Guard on the little finger and knuckles. The palm is made of MicronGrip, a material that is setting a new standard for gloves in this price range.

The GPX 1.5 GripR gloves also use the MicronGrip palm and are the lightest gloves in the range with a vented, featherlight upper that feels like a second skin.
Lastly, for those chilly days, the GPX 2.5 Windblock is available, a windproof and water-resistant glove, that features a four-way stretch material with MicronGrip palm and Brush Guard on the little finger and knuckles.

Priced from$24.99*, the entire GPX glove range consists of 20 different colorway designs.

Explore Leatt’s new 2019 line here.

*US retail prices excludes VAT and EUR prices includes 20% VAT

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