NEW GEAR: OMEGA Fibre Rally Kit for the 2017+ KTM 450/500 EXC-F


Omega Fibre, a premier manufacturer of advanced composite materials and Rally Bike equipment, has announced an all-new Rally Kit for the 2017+ KTM 450/500 EXC. This 5th Generation kit combines more than 25 years of in-house research and development with highly advanced composite material technology in order to provide the user with a long-distance race machine that is as lightweight, durable, and versatile as possible.

The extremely durable and lightweight nature of the kit can be attributed to the use of different carbon fiber composite matrixes throughout. Each carbon fiber component is hand-laid and held to the highest quality control standards; this ensures maximum durability and optimal appearance. The rear carbon fiber fuel tank adds 7L of fuel capacity to the bike, and is linked to the forward tank via a quick-couple fuel line and billet machined front tank connector. The forward and rear fuel tanks drain equally while the machine is in use, thereby maintaining front-to-rear weight distribution. The kit in its entirety adds a mere 6.5 Kg to the bike. This includes the weight of the navigation tower and fairing, headlight assembly, rear auxiliary fuel tank, bash plate, lower front fender, and all associated hardware.  
No cutting, drilling, or modification of any kind is required to install the kit. The carbon fiber navigation tower is frame-mounted and houses all electrical components as well as an integrated fuse box. These features along with isolation of rally navigation equipment from the motorcycle’s OEM wiring loom optimize accessibility while limiting fault-finding procedures in the event of an electrical issue. When ordering a kit, the customer can choose carbon fiber side fairings compatible with either the OEM fuel tank or the 15L Acerbis fuel tank. Two navigation tower backplates are included - one for mounting a road book and one for mounting a GPS navigation unit.

A bash plate constructed of carbon-kevlar composite ensures maximum protection of the motorcycle’s vital engine components (as well as brake and shift levers) while minimizing weight. The bash plate features a tool storage compartment and can also be configured to carry 3 liters of water should the customer require this option.

The optional “low” front fender is also constructed from a carbon-kevlar composite and weighs in at 800 grams with all associated hardware. Use of the “low” front fender reduces the amount of turbulent air entering the radiators, therefore enabling more efficient cooling of the motorcycle’s engine.  

The 5th Generation KTM 450/500 EXC-F Rally Kit is a highly focused and purpose built package, with all elements designed and manufactured with rally racing in mind. The benefits of this racing-oriented design are, luckily, very applicable in a recreational setting. This translates to the Omega Fibre 450/500 Rally Bike as being equally at home on the race course as it is on a weekend adventure ride with friends.

The new Omega Fibre Rally Kit for the 2017+ KTM 450/500 EXC-F will be available for order this summer through Omega Fibre’s website, and will carry a base price tag of just under 7,000 USD.

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