Sena Technologies, Inc. the global leader in Bluetooth communication solutions for powersports has released an all new Mesh Intercom™ adapter for Sena Bluetooth headsets and helmets. +Mesh is a wireless adapter that allows any Sena Bluetooth communication product to operate using Sena’s Open Mesh protocol.

Open Mesh, which is unique only to Sena, allows users to join a Mesh Intercom conversation with the single click of a button. +Mesh allows any Sena Bluetooth headset or helmet to operate with athe ease of the 30K, and join an Open Mesh Intercom conversation in seconds. Sena’s Open Mesh allows riders to connect to a virtually unlimited number of riders.


Mesh Intercom offers a more flexible connection allowing riders to come and go without disconnecting the rest of the group. When the +Mesh is connected to Sena’s Bluetooth headsets or helmets, motorcycle and bicycle riders can now enjoy the many benefits of Mesh technology. The easy-to-use +Mesh adapter will turn any Sena headset into a more advanced and flexible communication device with the simple push of a button.

Mesh Intercom technology allows users to instantly connect to a virtually limitless number of riders and +Mesh offers a communication range of 800 meters (0.5 miles). Mesh Intercom provides a more stable connection by intelligently searching for lost intercom connections and automatically reconnecting them once back within range, while the rest of the group stays together.

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To ensure the best connection between your headset and the +Mesh adapter, simply attach the adapter to any surface on your motorcycle. For optimal results and to maximize your intercom range, mount the +Mesh in a spot that provides the most direct line of sight to the rider(s) with whom you wish to connect.

Like all Sena products the +Mesh adapter comes with a generous 2 year warranty. To purchase the +Mesh head to MSRP: $179.00

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