KLIM is partnering with In&motion, a motorcycle airbag company, to develop a wearable airbag system.

At KLIM, it is our mission to create gear that enhances the riding experience. We do this through the process of listening to rider feedback, researching new technologies, paying extreme attention to detail, and thoroughly testing gear.

As a company of riders, KLIM is constantly looking for better solutions. We search for the most innovative and high-performance materials, and partner with industry-leading technology providers by always asking the question: is there an ingredient or process that can further improve the riding experience?

In&motion produces wearable airbag systems for motorcyclists and extreme sports including MotoGP. These systems use “smart” technology to constantly update and perfect the crash detection algorithms through data automatically collected from users.

By listening to feedback, collecting data, and analyzing results, In&motion also aims to improve the riding experience with better safety.

Through this partnership, KLIM and In&motion will be able to offer riders the best weatherproof garment experience on the market while taking safety beyond already premium abrasion and impact protection.

About KLIM
At KLIM we create the most technically advanced products in the world. We listen to rider needs and use real-world experience to engineer the most innovative riding equipment possible. Our team relentlessly drives for excellence in product and service because we believe riders shouldn’t be limited by their gear. Ultimately, we know everyone has limited time to ride and every experience should be the best it can be.

About In&motion
Specialists in smart protection systems, In&motion, based in the French Alps, was founded in 2014 by 3 passionate engineers from the ECAM college of engineering in Lyon.

In&motion have already delivered three successful and innovative autonomous airbag systems and one mechanical trigger airbag system for top class activities, including:

  • MotoGP™, worn by top riders in the category

  • Competitive Skiing, approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and worn by over 100 athletes competing in World Cup and European cup tournaments

  • Road-focused motorcyclists

  • Equestrian, with a mechanical trigger airbag system for horse riders

To date, In&motion airbag systems have earned the CES innovation award two years in a row: in 2016 for the Ski Airbag Vest and in 2017 for the Moto Airbag Vest.

During the 3-year development period in competition, the airbag system has been worn and tested by the world’s best riders, from MotoGP™, to endurance racing (24h of Le Mans & Bol d’Or), BSB and French Superbike. The product is also approved by IRTA (International Road Racing Team Association).

Since May 2017, nearly 2 million kilometers have been ridden across Europe, in all conditions as part of the Airbag Revolution Campaign. 500 users: consumers, journalists and dealers were selected to take part in the campaign to provide data and feedback into the product.

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